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A-Z Wholesale VoIP Termination

VIPTelco A-Z wholesale VoIP termination enables calls to be routed to multiple destinations all over the world using the Internet. Cost effective and convenient, a VoIP termination is supported by specific carrier so that all PoTs (points of termination) are consolidated and customized for enhance productivity.

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The demand for A-Z wholesale VoIP termination is so strong that many, new VoIP termination services are "jumping on the bandwagon" too quickly. Consequently, they lack the ingenuity and technology necessary to offer dependable, high quality VoIP termination services required to streamline your business and sustain a lucrative revenue flow.

What We Offer as One of the Industry's #1 Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers:

  • We can help you migrate your business over to a more efficient, wholesale VoIP termination system, eliminate the expense of onsite hardware/server equipment and remove the need to pay a variety of taxes with unregulated voIP services.
  • Switching to our wholesale VoIP termination system means you no longer have to worry about maintenance problems. We are responsible for all expenses associated with hardware and server issues.
  • We are able to charge our clients the lowest rates for global calls due to our considerably high VoIP traffic levels. Calls sent through our network reach hundreds of countries and millions of people every day.
  • Using our A-Z wholesale VoIP termination services gives you access to the best telecommunications carriers through public switched telephone network (PSTN) interconnections. Intelligent routing engines immediately manage incoming calls to provide the highest quality routes available at the moment.
  • Our network operations center team works 24/7 to ensure you receive uninterrupted services so your business remains operating at peak level.
  • We won't spend time doing unnecessary credit checks or have you fill out reams of paperwork. When you sign up with our A-Z wholesale VoIP termination service, you'll get instant access to a client portal where you can begin terminating your wholesale minutes.
  • Choose how you can best manage your VoIP termination service by selecting one of several options we offer that streamlines your business processes and maximizes profit.

As one of the largest and most reputable wholesale VoIP suppliers in the world, we proudly boast over 3 billion minutes terminated every year supported by hundreds of direct interconnects and affordable A-Z rates that no other provider can offer.

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Open a free A-Z wholesale VoIP termination account today and find out how quickly our service benefits your business, increases your revenue and streamlines all your internal processes. After you've tried our VoIP termination service free, you can then easily switch over to a comprehensive wholesale service and start enjoying the advantages of this service in no time.