VoIP Consulting

VoIP Consulting Services

With years of experience in the IT and telephony industry, our VoIP consultants can help you decide which VoIP solution works best for your business and assist with all aspects of the transition to VoIP phone service.

Reputable and Trusted VoIP Consulting Services

We also provide the following VoIP consulting services unique to our company

  • Support and installation for Asterisk-based PBX and appliances as well as for FreeSWITCH, FreePBX, Vicidial, SER, Cisco CUCM & UCCX, Shoretel SIP, IAX, MGCP, H323, SCCP, ISDN, SS7 and SIGTRAN
  • Flawless migration from your PSTN (plain old telephone network) to your next-generation VoIP network
  • Expert assistance with designing and implementing IP-based PBX (office telephone station)
  • Consultation services regarding network traffic management devices, QoS software and hardware with VoIP and traffic shaping
  • Impressive solutions for call centers
  • Mass deployment of ATA devices, analog VoIP gateways and IP phones
  • Customized telephony applications (payment systems, voting applications and customer tracking for radio/TV stations
  • Hosted VoIP IVR services
  • Linux servers (firewall, email and web)

Our VoIP Consulting Services Helps Achieve Your Goals

The mission of our VoIP consulting services is to assist telecommunications providers on all levels so they can successfully engineer, procure, implement and market hosted VoIP solutions. To consistently accomplish our goals, we have spent years developing strategies and tools inherently dynamic in nature and totally customized to address each of our client's needs.

As a leading VoIP consulting service, we remain committed to providing 21st century solutions that help streamline your company's operations on all levels while providing a solid path to reaching your company's long-term aspirations and goals.