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A-Z Wholesale SMS Termination Services

Offering a comprehensive range of interconnects with worldwide Tier 1 carriers that enables the dependable delivery of high-quality calls to nearly any destination, VIPTelco A-Z Wholesale SMS Termination Services also quotes the most competitive rates available and employs a team of expert NOC engineers available 24/7 for technical assistance.

In addition, we proactively seek to establish contracts with major MNOs that would allow us to provide wholesale SMS terminations to countries currently unreachable via SMS.

10 Great Benefits of A-Z Wholesale SMS Termination Services:

  • Immediate access to an intuitive control interface and 24/7 technical support available in multiple languages
  • Guaranteed delivery of wholesale, standard wholesale and alphanumeric messages
  • Use multi-part, binary and unicode messages
  • Receive delivery reports in real-time
  • No queues - highest messaging throughput possible
  • Industry standard SMPP v3.4 APIs and HTTP
  • USSD interactive services
  • Using our SMSC, VIPTelco A-Z Wholesale SMS Termination provides over 2400 transactions per second to exceed the expectations of our clients who demand top quality pricing and routing
  • Our services integrate with all databases so that companies can automate SMS notification deliveries
  • Enjoy dedicated account management services to help maximize your bulk SMS strategies
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Start streamlining your business communications today by taking advantage of our powerful SMS Termination platform provided at wholesale prices. Contact us via email, phone or live chat to talk to one of our friendly specialists who can get you set up with a free test account that specifically addresses your company's needs.