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Premium CLI

In addition to offering wholesale VoIP, we also provide dedicated Premium CLI Routes through Tier-1 VoIP providers. As one of the leading providers of integrated data, networking and voice equipment and VoIP hardware, VIPTelco offer customers Premium CLI routes to India, Bangladesh, USA, India and other countries while maintaining exceptional quality calls and competitive rates that are supported by a next-generation network.

With our management tools, you get detailed reports of all calls so you always know how much traffic you are receiving in addition to up-to-date account balances. We understand how important it is for companies to have access to the most competitive rates possible within the VoIP market, which is why we are constantly working to upgrade our premium CLI services on a daily basis.

Key Benefits of Our Premium CLI Service:

  • Highest quality, global call routing and end-to-end termination that leverages our extensive supplier base
  • Reliably supported platform that guarantees stable VoIP services to our customers
  • Powerfully adapted and automated POR (profit oriented routing)
  • Lower interconnect expenditures via rapid scaling and/or interfacing
  • Increased margins as a result of consistently high quality services at affordable rates
  • Backup carrier service
  • Addresses requirements for operators with subscribers who demand excellent voice quality
  • Higher MOS figure
  • Highest possible statistics (ASR/ACD)
  • 100% CLI guaranteed

With our robust, cutting-edge infrastructure supporting premium CLI services, our customers are ensured to receive crisp, clear voice quality and consistent connectivity. We also have professional, experienced support services available 24/7 ready to help you implement Premium CLI at any time.