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Viptelco provides DIDs from over 60 countries worldwide. We have one of the biggest coverage of mobile, local, national and toll free numbers on which hundreds of clients rely. Our wide range of numbers is used by customers of any type - from personal and home use, to small and medium business, to Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 carriers. With incredibly easy configuration and low monthly prices we fulfill our customers expectations. We provide the highest quality voice solutions and save you money on international calls for your company and customers.

Viptelco DID numbers provide you the opportunity to create a local presence for your business in many major cities( “cities” should be word link to country list) around the world. Inbound calls to DID numbers can be redirected to any phone number globally. Manage your DIDs directly from your account using our web Telecom Center. You can route them to your own PBX, a hosted PBX with us or elsewhere. You can also forward them directly to your mobile number.

The advantages are:

  • Numbers from over 60 countries
  • No set up charges
  • Free API
  • Unlimited inbound/outbound calls
  • Low monthly rates